Negotiating Banking Relationships

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Negotiating Banking Relationships

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The Negotiating Banking Relationships course provides the ideal balance of theory and practice.  By applying negotiation analysis and the use of bank-relevant role simulations, you will become familiar with negotiating as an analytical process.  Through systematic preparation, application of negotiation rules and techniques and use of the appropriate language, your confidence and effectiveness in negotiating will increase, thereby reinforcing and developing the negotiation skills that enable you to achieve the best possible results.


  • Analysis of the nature of the negotiations and the underlying interests
  • Analysis of past mistakes and negotiating best practices
  • Analysis of the role and behavior of negotiator
  • Dealing with conflict of interest and leveraging and controlling emotions
  • Focusing on relationship building and maintenance
  • Creation of opportunities for mutual gain – “expand the pie” for all parties
  • Use of objective criteria and standards in the negotiations to reach agreement
  • Use of negotiating scenarios that simulate relevant bank transactions
  • Use of scorable negotiating exercises
  • Peer assessment of negotiation performance


You will increase your confidence and effectiveness in planning, executing and managing negotiations in English.  The negotiators will use various tools developed and refined over the years to help them plan, conduct and analyze their negotiations – both during the training sessions and business negotiations.  Through intensive awareness raising and training, you will learn how to effectively take part in and analyze negotiations with the objective of creating a “win-win” situation – the general objective of negotiating in banking relationships.

Course Language


Target Group

Bank staff in commercial banking and and the finance industry who engage in business negotiations in English and wish to improve their command of negotiating skills.

Course Components

  • Presentation and coaching
  • Discussion
  • Case simulations
  • Peer and trainer feedback


  • Basic understanding of bank financing
  • Good to very good command of English